If you want information on a person, company, or other specific name (a proper noun), you'll want the Specific names.

If you're working on a paper, you'll probably want Multi-concept issues.

If you're just trying to find out something quickly, the Factual questions should help you.

General categories is a good default choice.

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What kind of topic do you have in mind?

General categories
Such as:
- board games
- public libraries
- theme parks
Specific names
Such as:
- Scrabble
- Dallas Public Library
- Six Flags over Texas
Multi-concept topic
Such as:
- Reviews of boardgames
- History of the public library
- Accidents at theme parks
Factual questions
Such as:
- When was Scrabble created?
- How many books in a library?
- What's the gate cost for Disney?

If you are not sure, you might want to browse a web directory.

If this doesn't help, you can either go back to the main AskScott page or ask a human.