To effectively search Thomas,  you will need to spend about an hour reading "About Thomas" and the "Thomas FAQ."  These links can be found on the left hand side of the Thomas page.  Searching Thomas can be frustrating if you are unsure of the legislative process and legal language.

Please note:  Not all government information is available online.  Some information can only be obtained by visiting your local government office or your public library.

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Searching for Government Information: 
Legislative Information on the Internet.

Thomas provides legislative information from the 93rd  Congress to the present.  A search can be completed using either word/phrase, bill/amendment number, or sponsors.  Be sure to check the Help topic for basic and advanced searches

Tip: The first number of a bill/amendment is the Congressional Session in which it was introduced.  The second number is  the sequential order of when the bill signed into law.  For example, PL 107-101 means Public Law from the 107th Congress and was the 101st bill passed.

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