This technique of phrase searching works only with search tools that index every word on the page and that allow this type of searching.

As long as you can put in search terms that have one meaning, you can easily find all the pages about that name. However, if your search term has other meanings, the searching can be more difficult.

Google is used by some people for many different searches. As it indexes every word, it can be a very frustrating tool to use if your search isn't specific.

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Searching on a specific name

When searching for a specific name, take advantage of "phrase seaching" by putting your topic in quotes with appropriate capitalization. (for example: "Six Flags over Texas")





AltaVista   Find this:     

If this returns no results, then remove the quotes or alter the phrase.

If this returns too many results, then use the - (minus sign) before an aspect of the returned pages that you aren't interested in. (for example, "Texas Rangers" -baseball will find pages with the phrase Texas Rangers but without the term baseball)


If this doesn't help, you can either go back to the main AskScott page or ask a human.