Don't forget your local librarians!  If you have a public library or public college/university  in your area, stop in and ask one of the librarians for assistance.  Helping students and other users find research and other scholarly information is what academic librarians do best!

Some of the best research is only available from commercial publishers who do not distribute their content freely.  Each article can cost you anywhere from $20 to $50.  Many libraries subscribe to these same journals, however, and will allow you to photocopy articles for pennies per page.

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Research Assistance:
How can I find research/scholarly information?

Trying to find high-quality research on the web can easily turn into a lesson in frustration.  Thankfully, using the right search tools can make finding scholarly information a little easier.

and Databases

Search this huge database of over 5,000 full-text publications.  Many of the articles available through Ingenta are pay-per-view.

The Directory of Open Access Journals provides access to quality controlled open access scientific and scholarly journals journals.

HighWire Press
Provides access to science,
technology, and medicine journals. Offers over 30 entirely free journals,
over 200 journals with free back issues (dates vary) and over 800 journals
with "pay per view" access. Some journals also offer free trial periods
(dates vary).

Research Search Tools Link to full text articles in over 300 magazines dating back to 1984

Search or browse for academic information at the university level. The site
also contains references for general research questions, and a guide to
other search tools.

Google Scholar
Search for scholarly resources in all subject areas. Many of the articles
are not available in full-text, but some are available for purchase through
the British Library.

A science-specific search tool, Scirus searches web sites and journals
sources, including those available through ScienceDirect, PubMed,
institutional repositories and more.

Voice of the Shuttle
Search or browse through subjects in this annotated guide to online resources in the humanities.


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