When searching online for the author of a quotation, be sure to check more than one source. Certain quotes are often mis-attributed, especially on the Internet.

When searching for a song title when you know some of the lyrics, it's best to use a phrase search and to utilize the full-text option if available.

Two dangers of using the phrase search in a general search tool are that the phase must exactly match what is on the Web page and you need to be able to trust the information on the pages that are returned. Many times, one person will misquote someone, and someone else will copy that misquote, and so on.

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Quotes, Lyrics and Poetry:
"Who said/sang/wrote that?"

Bartlett's Quotations is one of the web's most comprehensive quote-finding resources. This free version is from the early 1900's, so it's not appropriate for recent quotes.


Leo's Lyrics is a very large lyric database with search tools.

Also try lyricsH.com.



Bartleby.com allows searches within dozens of poetry resources.


The Quotations Archive - Top40db.net
Lost Quotations Noticeboard (may be currently down)

Another route to finding information about a quotation/lyric/poetry is to use the phrase searching feature of many search tools. Try entering the exact quote in "quotation marks" in Alta Vista below:

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Other resources that might help you find what you need:


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