If your search results in too many inaccurate hits, capitalize the place and people names. For example, "Churchill" may work better than "churchill". For people whose first or last names are common, use quote marks around the full name: "George Bush". This will make the computer search for the name as a phrase, rather than two separate words.

Some non-English names of people and places are spelled multiple ways. To get more complete results, include all known spellings in your search: "Qaddafi Gaddafi Khadafy Qadhafi".

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Current news or stocks:
What's happening in the news?
Where can I find information on a stock price?


There are two basic ways to search for news:

  • Search for a particular event or topic, or
  • Read the day's headlines and stories.

Google News is easy to use both to scan the day's headlines and to search for news on a particular topic.

The page is set up like a newspaper, with headlines on the home page, and links to each "section" of the paper on the left-hand column.

Kidon Media Link allows you to link to media sources worldwide.


Stock Quotes

If you know a company's stock market symbol and want to learn its current price, Smartmoney is a good choice. Smartmoney also includes a number of articles on financial topics.

If you do not know a particular stock symbol, use CBS Marketwatch. Click on "Find symbol" in the left-hand column, underneath the box "Enter symbol(s):" This site also includes financial articles.

Other resources that might help you with this question:

News: 1st Headlines - New York Times - CNN

Stocks: Bloomberg.com - The Dismal Scientist


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