When using the Internet to find driving directions always verify the results by consulting a map. Many times online driving directions are overly detailed, and can be slightly confusing. Viewing a map in conjunction with the driving directions will make your trip easier.

Keep in mind that when looking for city information online, although these sites can be helpful, it is often useful to search for a city's
homepage or other information from the city itself. These sites may
not have updated or totally accurate information for all cities so it can be helpful to double-check.

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Searching for geographical information:
Do you need to find a map or information about a city?


When trying to get general map information about a city, Google Maps is a great resource. By entering a state, city or specific address, Google Maps will provide a map of the area. This resource also allows you to view a satellite image of the area or
a hybrid image of the satellite photo with the map superimposed on top.

For driving directions, MapQuest is useful. By entering your beginning destination (either an address or city) or your final destination (again, by address or city) MapQuest will give you directions, a specific map for your route and an estimated travel time. MapQuest allows you to adjust your route to avoid highways, to avoid tolls or adjust to find the shortest distance
or shortest time possible for the trip.

City Information  

A great place to find out about local events, nightlife, restaurants, hotels, local news, shopping, and more in your US city of choice is Digital City. This site also offers a section entitled "About Our City" which gives a synopsis of the city, how to get around while visiting there, and a guide to the best, must-see attractions of the area.

A great place to find information about US cities is CitySearch. In addition to finding a given business in a city, you can find information about local restaurants, bars & clubs, hotels, shopping, and entertainment. CitySearch also
provides information about good values in the city and a "best of" feature offering recommendations to visitors.

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