Locating State information
 takes planning, time and persistence. 

 Before starting your search, decide on what kind of information you need.  If you are looking for an update on proposed laws, then searching the legislative branch is appropriate. 

 If you are looking for license information, go to the GovSpot.com and select your state.

Official state sites can also be located via search engines by entering the URL as follows: www.state.[state postal code].us. For example, the URL for the state of Ohio’s Web page would be: www.state.oh.us

Please be aware that not all information is available online.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, consider visiting your local government office or public library.

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Searching for Government Information:
Searching for a State Issue?

Before starting your search, please read the blue side bar for
strategies for defining your search.  A few minutes of planning 
will make your search a successful effort. 


This site allows you to search by state.  Use the drop down "State Government" menu to scroll to the state in which you are interested.  Once selected, the search is automatic. Scroll through the return list for information on Branches of Government, departments, agencies, licenses, and taxes.



This site offers links to state constitutions, statutes (laws), and the legislative process. Included in the State Web pages are links to other state departments such as the Division of Elections.

Additional links are provided for bicameral governments, i.e. house and senate proceedings.

Other resources that might help you with your question

State Government Information - This list has been complied by the Library of Congress. 

Google's Uncle Sam Indexes U.S. Government Web pages  state government Web pages, totaling over 1 million pages. 

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