Providing Internet access to Government  information has been the mandate of many policies.  Unfortunately, some of the polices contradict each other and public access to information has been delayed.   The results are a hodge podge of accessible information with little inter-agency cooperation. Locating federal information takes time and persistence. 

Before starting your search, decide on what Department or agency would most likely have the information for which you looking.  For example,  news on current legislation would be found on the Thomas web site. If  your question is about medical coverage, you would search the Department of Health and Services web site.  If you were looking for tax law then you would need to visit the Internal Review Service web site.

Please be aware that not all information is posted on the web.  If you cannot find what you are looking for online, you should consider visiting your local government office, public library, or University Library. 

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Searching for Government Information:
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Before starting your search for Federal information, please read the blue side bar for strategies for defining your search.  A few minutes of planning will make your search a successful effort.
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Reading the Help page and accessing the FAQ's to determine how best to search is recommended.

Federal Agency Internet Sites

Search this site to locate a web site for Federal Agency.

To view a directory of agencies, visit the A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies

Pathfinders to topical Government Information are  arranged in alphabetical order. 

Official Federal Government Information at Your Fingertips

This site provides information regarding Departements and Agency web sites.  You may have to contact the Department/Agency for detailed information.

For more information on how to use this site, click here.  By scrolling to the bottom of the page there is information on how to contact the GPO office for help.

Locate a Library near you that has government documents.

Other Links

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Thomas (Legislative Information on the Internet)

Google's Uncle Sam (Indexes U.S. Government Web pages and  state government Web pages)

Federal Depository Libraries (Access government documents that are not available online)

Federal Courts Finder (Web sites of all Federal courts, listed by state, with a map for U.S. Circuit courts)

Defense Technical Information Center (Department of Defense Web sites and other federal databases)

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