When searching for government information, you need to decide if the issue is at the Local, State, or National level.

Next, decide what category best represents your question.  For example, are you looking for information regarding pollution, budget, or current legislation?

Finally, consider the age of materials needed.  Many historical documents as well as current items are available on the web.  Unfortunately, not all government information is available online.  Some information can only be obtained by visiting your local government office or your public library.

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Searching for Government Information:
Are you searching for Local, State or Federal issue?

Before starting your search please read the blue side bar for strategies for defining your search.  A few minutes of planning 
will make your search a successful effort.
Local Issue
Click this link if your
question is on the Local level.

Examples: City ordinances, township meetings, or school board policies.

State Issue
Click this link if your
question is on the State level.

Examples: State wide initiates, referendums, legislation, or Divisions of Elections. 

National  Issue
Click this link if your question is on the National level.

Examples: Supreme Court rulings, Congressional Laws, or Executive Orders.

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