To find reputable useful sites on family issues is not an easy task. Many have advertising elements and are put up by unreliable sources. However, there are many excellent sites available, developed by government departments, educators, researchers and parenting resource groups. Hopefully, some of these suggested sites will be helpful to you.

To do your own search, use terms that describe clearly the information you need. Be aware that sites useful to you may not be found on the first page of the search engine retrieval list. There may be some very useful ones on later pages.

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Family Issues

Family and Parenting

Tufts University has a great Web resource

Child and Family Canada is a useful site for all parents.

Working Parents

Child Development

Adoption Information

For information on adoption issues from the United States government, visit

Other Family Issues

Two sources created by librarians can be found at the Librarians Index to the Internet and the Edmonton Public Library

Three of the commercial search engines have in depth family information:

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