Browsable lists, or directory-based search tools are a lot like Gopher. Gopher was a precursor to the Web, and was a hierarchical, directory-based information tool. There are still a few gopher sites out there, and you can tell you have connected to one becuase the address will start with "gopher://" instead of "http://". Both the gopher and browsable tools are great places to just wander through the web.

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Using a browsable list

Much like using a phone directory, a browsable list is a enjoyable way to explore the web and a good way to get a short list of pages on your desired topic. It can also help you narrow your topic, if you need ideas.

The best browsable site is About has a subject expert in many different topics who keeps up the lists. It's a great place to start your searching.

The most popular browsable list is Yahoo. Just select choices from Yahoo's directory. At the bottom of the main Yahoo page are a number of regional and topical subsets.

The Open Directory is similar to Yahoo, but it is run by volunteers who are subject experts.

The advantage to these tools as compared to other larger search tools is that they are a subset of sites chosen by humans. This can make for less frustrating searches.

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