What are Blogs and Wikis?
Blogs and Wikis are social tools that allow people to communicate using the
Internet. Blogs are often used to express personal opinions and thoughts and
Wikis are often used for collaborative projects.

What is a Blog?
A blog (short for web log) is a web page written in journal format. It contains short, frequent and regularly updated posts. Blogs can cover any topic imaginable, from personal musings about someone's life to serious commentaries on current events and community activities.

What is a Wiki?
A Wiki is a collection of web pages that allows you to work collaboratively on
the content of a Website. One of the most well known Wikis is Wikipedia. The
uniqueness of the Wiki is that all users can create and edit content. For this
reason Wikipedia and other Wikis may contain incorrect information and should
not be relied on for authoritative sources of information required for
homework and research.

Searching Tips
If you can't find what you're looking for try different keywords and read
the site's About/Help tips.
Use more than one search tool to get more results.
Remember not all content in Blogs and Wikis is appropriate for all ages.

This page was created by Veronica Hughes and Scott Nicholson

Copyright 1996-2006.


Community-Based Information Sources
Do you want to find blogs or wikis?

Blog Search Tools

Technorati gives you many options for searching and browsing, including subject, language, category (tag), and popularity rating. The wide variety of topics and browsing features are very helpful if you're not familiar with a topic or
just want to explore what others have to say about a subject.

Google's Blog Search offers simple and advanced searching. The advanced search features allows you to narrow your query by title, author, date, language, and inclusion of adult content.

Blogarama allows you to browse and search for approximately 30,000 blogs. The site supports keyword and phrase searching which can be limited by subject
category and geographic location. You can also learn more about blogs through the links to Blogging Articles.

Wiki Search Tools

Qwika searches more than 1100 Wikis in twelve languages.

Metawiki Search searches multiple Wikis by keywords in the page title. You can limit searches to either one or all of the Wikis listed in the dropdown menu
below the search box.

With Wikia you can search and browse more than 1300 Wikis by language and category. Wikia searches only the Wikis it hosts; however, it provides easy to use
tools for creating your own Wiki.

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