This blue bar will give you extra information when you are using AskScott. This is like a commentary - sometimes it explains why certain tools were selected. Other times it will give you options and ideas not in the AskScott main screen.

You can use AskScott without looking at this bar, but the information here might be helpful in your search.

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What is AskScott?

AskScott is designed to help you find the information you are looking for on the Internet. First, you need to decide on your topic. (without a topic, AskScott won't be of much help.) AskScott knows that there is no one tool that is good for searching all of the Internet. Thus, AskScott will ask you some questions about your desires. Then AskScott will suggest what tool is best for your searching.
Each time you have a new search topic, come back to AskScott and answer the questions, as each topic may require a different approach.

How do I use AskScott?

When you have read these instructions and know your search topic, go back to the AskScott home page. Choose the area in which your search falls, and you are on your way.
Once you get to a search tool, AskScott will give you advice for using the tool and a link to that tool. If you are not happy with the results, look at the FAQ for some general notes on searching. There's also an extensive searching tutorial at AskScott.

I don't know what I'm looking for...can AskScott help me?

Not really. AskScott works on the basis that you have a topic in mind and can answer questions regarding that topic. If you just want to browse the Internet, AskScott suggests you use Yahoo, or the Open Directory.

I'd like to learn more about AskScott or internet searching.

You're ready for the next step - the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) list. There, you can learn about AskScott, learn what is meant by a web database, search engine, and subject tree, and discover general tips for searching the web.

Now where?

I'd like to go to the FAQ and learn more.
I'm ready to give AskScott a try!

If this doesn't help, you can either go back to the main AskScott page or ask a human.