These AskA services are usually funded through some type of grant. Therefore, they are usually focused on a specific subject.

The advantage of a subject-specifc virtual reference desk is that the chances are higher that you will find an expert who knows your topic area. A general reference desk will match your question to someone who knows how to find information, but isn't necessarily an expert in your subejct area.

Therefore, it's better to try and find a subject-specific AskA service first. This is actually how it works with Web searching as well - a subject-specific search tool canl take you to the answer more quickly than a general search tool.

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Ask a Person for Help

AskScott is just a guide to finding things on the Internet. AskScott is not staffed by people who can answer your question.


However, there are many services that do have people to help you. To locate a subject-specific service that can help you, visit the Virtual Reference Desk AskA locator.

If you don't find the topic there for your question, you can try the Internet Public Library's reference desk, which is not subject-specific.


If this doesn't help, you can go back to the main AskScott page.